Jazz Jam Session

Sat, May 24 only.Jazz Jam Session: All Welcome. Last Monday of each month, 8 10.30pm. Alexanders Pub, The Castle Green Hotel, Castle Green Lane, Kendal. The combination of a franchised retail network and outsourced production has minimized XINIYA’s financial risk. Once orders have been received at the semi annual sales fair, gross profits for the next two seasons can be predicted pretty closely, promotional expense is discretionary, and overhead is low and consistent. Excess inventory, unfavorable weather, too many competitors, and a weaker economy have made 2013 a difficult year for leaders in China’s menswear industry (article link), but it’s easy to estimate that XINIYA will still generate net income of at least $15mm ($0.27/share) for the year (actual 1H13 earnings were $6.8mm and the second half of the year is normally stronger)..

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