Hi ddgnclgHere’s my personal

Hi ddgnclgHere’s my personal opinion on Puget Systems, based on one of my friend’s experiences with them. Puget systems recommended an upgrade to the CPU based on the possibility of video editing in the future, and suggested a trade off in hard disk configuration to make it cost about the same (actually slightly less.) Throughout the building process, my friend emailed Puget and their response was very fast. Those guys also modified the standard system testing to include the VIVO of the graphics card.

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Trading in Bergen may have started as early as the 1020s. According to tradition, the city was founded in 1070 by king Olav Kyrre; its name was Bjrgvin, “the green meadow among the mountains”. It served as Norway’s capital in the 13th century, and from the end of the 13th century became a bureau city of the Hanseatic League.

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