The only member of the press who came was Virginia Pope of The

visit In 2012, I wrote a column on fear free vet visits entitled Dr. Dread, which discussed ways owners and vets can make pet exams less scary. One of the points I touched upon was Small Room Syndrome. the weirdness a pet must feel when it has to sit in a small room (exam room) with an owner who stares at a wall and repeatedly asks the dog to sit.

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Replica Designer Handbags So that’s where I lived, and that’s where my hat shop was. Elizabeth Shoumatoff, the artist who was painting President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he died, brought in Rebekah Harkness, Mrs. William Hale Harkness. She and the ladies from Chez Ninon sent clients over. They had to climb all those stairs, and the stairs were narrow. The place had been a speakeasy in the 1920’s. There was a garden in the back with a lovely old Spanish fountain, all derelict. That’s where I had my first fashion show. The only member of the press who came was Virginia Pope of The Times. I got to know her very well years later saw her almost every Friday for tea. But anyway, her rule was to go herself to see any new designer. So there was this lovely, gracious lady at my first show, and the next day in The Times there was a little paragraph: “William J.” Replica Designer Handbags.