The employee will make a report, and you should ask for a copy

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replica hermes belt Around the baggage carousel, you should be able to find the airline’s luggage counter or representative. While you are justifiably angry at the airline, remember to remain calm. Someone else lost your luggage not this person in front of you. Tell them all of your pertinent information, including where you departed from, your flight number and how many bags you had. When you checked in, the airline agent would have given you a luggage stub for every checked bag. Give these stubs to the luggage attendant, who should hopefully be able to track down the bag. It may been delayed, left behind in transit or completely lost. The employee will make a report, and you should ask for a copy. You should also ask for a number that will put you in direct contact with the baggage counter, so you can avoid the more hassles when you follow up. File a report as soon as possible: Many airlines only honor lost luggage claims four hours after the last leg of the flight replica hermes belt.