Updated Re release: The updated versions removed the original

As a conjunction, one sense of as is “because”: As she was bored, Sue left the room. As also has an equally common use in the sense “while, when”: As the parade passed by, the crowd cheered and applauded. These two senses sometimes result in ambiguity: As the gates were closed, he walked away. (When? Because?) As as is standard in both positive and negative constructions: The fleet was as widely scattered then as it had been at the start of the conflict. Foreign service is not as attractive as it once was. So as is sometimes used in negative constructions ( not so attractive as it once was) and in questions (“What is so rare as a day in June?”). The phrase as far as generally introduces a clause: As far as money is concerned, the council has exhausted all its resources. In some informal speech and writing, as far as is treated as a preposition and followed only by an object: As far as money, the council has exhausted all its resources. As to as a compound preposition has long been standard though occasionally criticized as a vague substitute for about, of, on, or concerning: We were undecided as to our destination. As to sometimes occurs at the beginning of a sentence, where it introduces an element that would otherwise have less emphasis: As to his salary, that too will be reviewed. As to what and as to whether are sometimes considered redundant but have long been standard: an argument as to what department was responsible. See also all, farther, like1 http://prime1-rochester.co.uk/2013/08/15/the-number-of-passengers-going-on-cruises-is-steadily/, so1.

Retraux: Was even ported back to the NES. “Shaggy Dog” Story: Dr. Tary escapes and plans his compensation to his failure, only to end up flying into space to his death. Shout Out: The head explosion scene from Bionic Commando. Former STREEMERZ Alliance. I like it. Dr. Tary’s corpse ends up becoming the foundation of the V universe. The shadow organization funding Master Y is Supper Meat Products, whose presidents are Edward MacVillain and Tammie Reviless. “The Reason You Suck” Speech: Master Y delivers one to Joe, only to get turned around as Joe brags about his superior health. Take That!: Most obviously, caricatures of Derek Yu and Terry Cavanagh are the game’s villains. Updated Re release: The updated versions removed the original Streemerz and Cheetahmen tracks with three original music pieces that sound similar. An easier difficulty, time attack, and Superb Joe modes were made available, along with the STREEEEEMERZ and Master Y modes that allow you to play as Dr. Tary and Master Y respectively. The flash version featured online leader boards too. Villain Protagonist: Dr. Tary worked for Master Y, and intends to cowardly run away from his failure. Villainous Harlequin: Takes the harmful clowns in the original and runs with it, making them a very potent threat by way of Collision Damage and Pie in the Face. Worth It: Is Doing Things The Hard Way worth 15 monies? The villains seem to think so, while Joe regrets it when he clears the challenge. Joe: Veni, vidi, vici. I found 15 dollars.

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