Avengers, Assemble!: MacGruber assembles a team of badasses to

In fact http://bootbzar.com/blog/jennie-amalia-garcia-joann-georgia-garcia/, most rights holders don’t mind fanfic because it helps consolidate the fan community in general (those who do are rare enough to be listed on Fanwork Ban, and many of them have more ethical than legal reasons to do so). But when he regains the memories of his time as Kira, he doesn’t have any moral conflict between his Light and Kira personas; he simply picks up right where he left off pre amnesia.

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Remember the New Guy: Happens infrequently throughout the series, as minor characters pop up throughout the different houses/Greek system in general as needed. Avengers, Assemble!: MacGruber assembles a team of badasses to accidentally blow them all up.

The purpose is that all the angelic powers should now see the complex wisdom of God’s plan being worked out through the Church, in conformity to that timeless purpose which he centred in Jesus, our Lord. Luke lampshades exactly how moronic the comparison is.

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