He argues that asking customers to do something different

This proposal would have another effect: It would undercut the agency’s momentum just as the Board returns to health after more than two years of vacancies, and as the Acting General Counsel spearheads a number of initiatives, including one that is bringing speedier resolution to charges of illegal discharges. The NLRB’s reinvigoration was examined in a hearing called by the House majority last week, which featured critics and advocates, and underscored the long history of controversy involving this agency. Fortunately, an even more draconian House proposal that would have eliminated all NLRB funding for the remainder of the year was defeated during debate on amendments on Thursday, although it disturbingly garnered 176 votes.

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Description : Who do you want your customers to become? According to MIT innovation expert and thought leader Michael Schrage, if you aren’t asking this question, your strategic marketing and http://www.replicahandbagstc.com innovation efforts will fail. In this latest HBR Single, Schrage provides a powerful new lens for getting more value out of innovation investment. He argues that asking customers to do something different doesn’t go far enough serious marketers and innovators must ask them to become something different instead.

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She’s a 32 year old entrepreneur, artist, and hat maker who says that if you had asked her six years ago where she would be today, she would have answered that she’d still be working her desk job at the interior design firm. But, somewhere along the line, with a bit of inspiration and encouragement, Satya said no to the desk job and yes to her dreams, turning her passion into art and into an empire. Hats off to Satya Twena.

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