Then the university lost interest as postmodernism arose

Comment on Arnold Schoenberg Musical Response to FDR by William OsborneSun, 19 Nov 2017 12:02:08 +0000The irony being that the culture of LA is one of the least likely places Schnberg work would find a true home. Eisler was blacklisted and deported, but ultimately, Schnberg music was also also, in effect, deported. USC paid some millions for his archive and built an institute to house them. Then the university lost interest as postmodernism arose, severely neglected the institute, and finally paid half the costs to move the archive to the Schnberg institute in Vienna. Dodecaphonic music meets Mickey Mouse didn quite work out. The Steven Spielberg building at USC makes more sense. And appointing the eccentric Paul Zukofsky, of all people, to manage the archive instead of a musicologist was an odd decision to say the least.

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