If there are crucial changes in the environment

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replica goyard belts Turnout was 69.9 percent.During his first term, Niinisto was instrumental in maintaining relations with Moscow, despite the country backing western economic sanctions against Russia over its 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.Finland, which shares an 833 mile (1,340 km) border and a difficult history with Russia, has also developed closer ties with NATO but stopped short of full membership in line with a tradition of avoiding confrontation with Russia.The president is in charge of foreign and defense policy together with the government, but otherwise the post has become largely ceremonial in the past few decades.Niinisto has appeared as a low profile middle man between East and West, in sharp contrast to his Baltic counterparts who regularly speak out against Moscow.He was the first Western leader to meet Putin following the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, and he has also actively pushed for an air safety agreement in the Baltic region.Children watch as voter casts her ballot during presidential election in Helsinki, Finland January 28, 2018. Lehtikuva/Heikki Saukkomaa/via REUTERSOF THE NATIONNiinisto hopes for the EU to strengthen its defense cooperation, and declines to lock in a stance on Finland future NATO membership.think there is no reason to seek a (NATO) membership as long as circumstances are as they are now, Niinisto said on Sunday. If there are crucial changes in the environment, then we might be in a different situation.Niinisto originally belonged to the co ruling, center right National Coalition Party but campaigned this time around as an independent.Slideshow (13 Images)ties between European Union and Russia are tense, people are satisfied that http://www.cheapgoyardbag.com Niinisto has been able to maintain pragmatic and functional dialogue with Russia, said Markku Jokisipila, director at the Centre for Parliamentary Studies of the University of Turku.Apart from his long service in politics, Niinisto also taps into sympathy from many Finns because of a series of personal dramas.A lawyer by training, he was finance minister in the 1990s, becoming known for his government austerity measures following Finland recession, as well as the decision to join the euro area.He lost his first wife in a car accident in 1995. replica goyard belts

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