For example, the dog may have learned the behavior from

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When medical causes are ruled out as a probable cause, likely the behavior was learned or is the result of early life stress or trauma. For example, the dog may have learned the behavior from watching its mother eat feces in order to keep the whelping area clean. If the pup was whelped in a filthy or scary environment such as a puppy mill, or it experienced verbal or physical abuse from its owner as a result of housebreaking mistakes, then stress or trauma may be to blame..

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Street cred aside, Bay Ridge is also rich in culture and arts. Our diverse group of residents has provided us with anual Greek fairs, Norwegian parades and Irish festivals. We have the Harbor Defense Museum, the Alpine which isn’t Designer Fake Bags the prettiest theater but in 2010 hosted “The Other Israel” event, highlighting Palestinian films, and we even have our own Narrows Botanical Gardens.

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