This concert was broadcast live on WNEW

Sin embargo, el odio no solo nos afecta cuando tiene consecuencias horribles e incluso letales. De hecho, todos perpetuamos el odio. Claro que Cruz es responsable de sus palabras y sus actos. Second dates for me used to involve a U Haul or a one way ticket across the country. I think it’s fair to say I am definitely moving in the right direction towards a healthy relationship. I haven’t moved states, or even cities, for a guy once something I have done several times in the past..

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This history situates the Clash amid the cultural skirmishes of the 1970s and culminates with their September 1979 performance at the Palladium in New York City. This concert was broadcast live on WNEW, and it concluded with Paul Simonon treating his Fender bass like a woodcutter’s ax. This performance produced one of the most exhilarating Clash bootleg recordings, and the photo of Simonon’s outburst that graced the cover of the London Calling LP was recently deemed the greatest rock ‘n’ roll photograph of all time.

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Their children have left the nest and have families of their own, retirement age has approached and they no longer feel relevant, they have older husbands, they are now widowed or divorced, they don’t have a circle of women friends to share their story and the list goes on. And then there is that blinding universal reason. Women feel invisible because they are aging.

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