1, 2013 Theme: Exploring Differences: Helping Students Read

https://www.inhandbag.com our web page Spring/Summer 2013 Issue Deadline: Feb. 1, 2013 Theme: Exploring Differences: Helping Students Read from Multiple Perspectives In Critical Encounters in High School English, Deborah Appleman (2000) makes a case for including critical lenses in helping students respond to texts in high school English classes because “multiple ways of seeing have become vital skills in our increasingly diverse classrooms as we explore the differences between and among us, what separates us and what binds us together” (3). You may or may not deliberately integrate critical theory into your literature studies with students, but likely you engage them in responding critically to young adult literature through various strategies and techniques. What do you do to help your students use young adult texts to “explore the differences between and among us, what separates us and what binds us together”? What strategies have proved successful with your own students? We want to hear about the ways in which you critically engage students with young adult texts and push them to question the world around them and to view it through multiple lenses.

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