“The right moment not the most comfortable moment or the moment

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moncler sale The First Minister dampened expectations of an imminent indyref2 in her keynote speech to the SNP faithful.She brought the three day conference in Glasgow to a close by insisting the SNP’s goal of independence is “clearly in sight”.But in a blunt message to activists who rallied in moncler chicago Edinburgh on Saturday in support moncler jackets outlet online of a snap second referendum, she said: “The passion in our moncler outlet kids movement demonstrated on the streets of Edinburgh at the weekend is wonderful. It gladdens my heart.”To those who say there is no demand for Scotland to have a choice moncler outlet online over our future, I say the polls and the people are telling a different story.”Our job is to take that passion and blend it with pragmatism, perseverance and patience to persuade those moncler coats for kids not yet persuaded.”The moncler outlet mall comments were widely seen as confirmation Sturgeon is not planning to moncler outlet uk a push for an immediate second independence referendum.Brexit Secretary Mike Russell also urged activists to be patient over a second referendum yesterday.The veteran minister was confronted by an SNP councillor at a fringe event who said members were “very frustrated with constantly being told to just wait”.But Russell said: “Our job as a party and as a Government is to both make sure that Scotland flourishes, moncler outlets usa no matter the circumstances, but also to ensure that at the right moment the choice of independence can be made.”The right moment not the most comfortable moment or the moment that best relieves our natural impatience. The moment at which our country is persuaded, ready and determined to win.”Sturgeon has said she will outline her thinking on the timing of indyref2 when more details are known about the discount moncler jackets impact of Brexit.In her speech yesterday, she said the future relationship between moncler jackets on sale the UK and the EU will”determine the context in which Scotland would become independent”. moncler sale

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