After all, even in the 1860s, the “bad smells” theory of

How to Become A Victorian Prostitute

canada goose deals Careers for Girls: Mother of a “Natural” Child The average Victorian unmarried female had, of course, one great shining career hope: marriage. She only had a few years to play the courtship game, and bad judgment or bad luck could end her prospects forever. A girl or woman who bore a suitor’s child before marriage was considered “ruined.” The circumstances didn’t matter even if she was seduced and abandoned, as canada goose outlet miami the old saying goes, or actually raped, it was commonly canada goose outlet legit assumed she had canada goose outlet store near me failed in her moral duty to keep her suitor from giving in to his baser instincts. Yes. In a society where men were preeminent in every way, woman were purported to have one great virtue: canada goose outlet new york city their innate feminine disinterest in sex and sin. Males were, after all, savages at heart who couldn’t be expected to control themselves without help; they might turn canada goose jacket outlet uk on an unwary woman at any moment. Think of how The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde captured the public imagination to understand this imagined duality. If females were split into Madonna and Whore, the males were split into Man and canada goose outlet black friday Beast. So the woman who bore a “natural” child (that is the kindest Victorian term) couldn’t just pick herself up, put on a brave smile, and go to work as a maid. No one would write her a letter of reference, and no one would hire a maid with a child tugging at her aprons. But the brothels would accept her and her child, if canada goose shop uk she were pretty enough. If not, she could always chance it on the streets, alone or with a pimp. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose outlet ontario From Honor de Balzac’s novel, The Splendors and Miseries of the Courtesan canada goose outlet locations in toronto buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Maid Without a Reference The importance of a reference letter in Victorian society cannot be overestimated. London’s population teemed with illiterate Canada Goose UK Outlet females ten and up, desperate for work. They needed that letter to say they were hard working, Christian, and not canada goose outlet toronto factory a thief. canada goose outlet los angeles Mind you, the positions they fought for would be almost unendurable for a modern canada goose outlet online uk person. The maid’s lot was back breaking work from dawn to dusk, with canada goose outlet 80 off one half day PER MONTH for personal time off. Maids lived on the premises, which is why they couldn’t canada goose outlet london uk be married or have children it would have added to the employer’s burden. They were on call 24/7 for any task their master or mistress demanded. canada goose outlet canada Even having a boyfriend called a “follower” was reason enough for dismissal. Say the wrong thing or break the rules and find yourself out on the street with canada goose outlet store uk precious buy canada goose uk little options and none of the social agencies we now take for granted. Working Class Girl to Working Girl Those females who were employed within their own families, serving in their father’s tavern or shop, were the lucky ones. Many girls were herded into factories where conditions were so inhumane, the consequences could be early death. In matchstick factories, for example, the phosphorus used on the match sticks gave many young women “phossy jaw,” a fatal necrosis of the jaw which ate away the bottom part of their canada goose outlet ottawa face. (Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at the side effects for today’s popular calcium supplement, Fosamax. It includes jaw pain as a reason to “stop taking and tell your doctor immediately.”) Other great careers for females include street selling of flowers and oranges, but the competition was fierce and most of the competitors, male. I have canada goose outlet official to canada goose parka uk wonder how many girls tried to make a go of it with a basket of oranges, only to have them rot or get stolen, and ended up selling themselves instead. canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Sold Into the Business Grimmest of all was the virgin girls sold to brothels, only to be resold to customers at a premium price. Some of my books claim virgins were popular due to fear of STDs, but I am not yet convinced. After all, even in the 1860s, the “bad smells” theory of disease still held sway. I doubt men fully understood they were less likely to contract syphilis from a virgin. From what I can tell, they seemed to believe the ACT of debauchery caused disease, not the germs passed from human to human. So I suspect the obsession with virgin girls was just what it seemed a desire to conquer new ground. cheap Canada Goose

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