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The machines that have just been upgraded run no different than machines I setup new and the upgrade process has not had any issues (other than when I had space issue)TL;DR upgrades work beautifully, no need for reinstallI did, and I actually have fewer (zero!) issues after upgrading than before.However, the upgrade was not painless, as in nothing too bad, but a few things I wouldn have wanted to ask my grandmother.Although nothing would gone really wrong with either option, I was glad I knew what was actually being asked and that that was the case. The jump from 16.04 > 18.04 was big with the switch from Unity to GNOME, so there became a lot of old obsolete packages and ways of doing things that likely won translate well in upgrades. (which is why people almost always recommend a fresh install but it not always practical)My 1 advice to anyone considering an upgrade from a stable 16.04 is to make backup with Clonezilla (it worth it to learn, I can help if anyone wants).

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