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Augie was a well rounded hood, working the “hood.” And he beat them all except one, in 1933. It cost him $100. Loose change for a man who routinely carried a cash roll of over $2000 in a silver clip, in his hip pocket.. “What makes you think these drones won’t have cameras, and audio recorders and sniffers? What leads you to think that these tracking devices will be accurate, tamper proof, incorruptible and honest? Will they deliver to my fourth floor walkup? My fortieth floor elevator lobby? Stinky gas driven, or nuclear? Shoot able? How about net able? The unemployed, more everyday after this, will grab these and sell the parts. Especially the nuclear fuel. Yeah.

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While some people just pick up suitcases here and there as their needs change, it’s often a good idea to buy a full luggage set rather than a collection of pieces. For one thing, travel sets are easier to pick out because they all look the same. That family resemblance makes it a lot easier to find your luggage when you’re standing by the airline carousel waiting for the last piece to finally show up.