If they came back as adults and Canada Goose online spawned

Where to see leaping salmon

Comment number canadagooseoutletcanada 1. At 17:07 14th Oct 2011, Natures_Calendar wrote: I can vouch that Falls of Shin is a fantastic place to see salmon leaping (followed by a good meal at Bonar Bridge!).

Another good place is the fish Canada Goose Online ladder at Pitlochry Canada Goose Outlet : ) Wish I was up there now!

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Comment number 3. At 21:05 14th Oct 2011, wolfbear1 wrote: Falls of Shin. I have video of salmon leaping in July this year, it was fantastic

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Comment number canadian goose jacket 4. At 21:29 14th Oct 2011, Heidi wrote: Anyone know when/where the salmon leap on the canada goose Weir at Shrewsbury?

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Comment number 5. At uk canada goose outlet 21:30 14th Oct 2011, Goldfinch canada goose uk outlet wrote: Rocks of Solitude near Edzell is another good place to buy canada goose jacket cheap watch Salmon leaping!

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Comment number 7. At 21:32 14th Canada Goose Jackets Oct 2011, Joe_M wrote: Are there any rivers especially good for salmon watching in Devon or Cornwall?

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Comment number 8. At 21:33 14th Oct 2011, Elspet35 wrote: The river Feugh, canada goose black friday sale Banchory, Aberdeenshire, cheap canada goose uk my son took a photo of a salmon leaping

last year.

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Comment number 9. At 21:33 14th Oct 2011, AnnieGL wrote: Greetings from Scotland!

Has anyone on Autumnwatch taken the trouble to read Kathleen Jamie’s wonderful book, “Findings”? If canada goose store they had, then they would know that the Falls of Braan, recommended on your website, are impossible for salmon to leap up successfully which canada goose clearance sale is maybe why there is no footage on the show of a salmon finally making it up the falls. They’re studying hatchlings, how canada goose coats on sale they cheap Canada Goose get on, how they disperse and survive. If they came back as adults and Canada Goose online spawned, they wouldn’t canada goose outlet know which was which. Which had been born in the tanks and which naturally.”

So, ‘fess up Autumnwatch, it’s good for the cameras, and the tourists, isn’t it but it’s an entirely artificial set up all the same, so you really should be explaining that to your viewers.

On another matter altogether, the lovely Michaela Strachan once gave canada goose clearance up her seat on a busy plane from Canada back to the UK, so uk canada goose that I could Canada Goose Coats On Sale sit next to my canada goose coats mum. Kudos! Nice to see her getting a prime time BBC gig at last.

All the best

Annie x

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Comment number 10. At 21:38 14th Oct 2011, Jonathan wrote: Is canada goose uk black friday anyone aware of any places to see the salmon in Northumberland?

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Comment number 11. At 21:40 14th Oct 2011, dunworking wrote: The River Tyne at Wylam Bridge is a good spot.