The incredible acrobatic dance troupe

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But if we want to have control over our income, or being laid off, we need to organize. Just one of us can’t change things for themselves very much. But all of us, organized and ready to strike, can control our work environment the thing our families and livelihoods depend on..

Violin virtuoso Joshua Bell (on Feb. 10th), jazz icon Branford Marsalis (April 2nd), all will be playing here. The incredible acrobatic dance troupe, Diavolo, which I saw at the Hollywood Bowl last month, will be here on Jan. Mr. Simons, who is Belgian and trained as an industrial designer before starting his men’s wear brand in 1995, joined Christian Dior in 2012 after six years as creative director at Jil Sander, his first women’s wear job. Though he maintained his men’s wear brand throughout his time at both Sander and Dior, analysts estimate it has annual revenues under 10 million.