Unj je najljuba sladkarije otroci in najbolj priljubljenih

The Polestar 1 will be capable of 0 60mph in under 4 seconds.Image 2 of 42Polestar claims that the car can run on the rearelectricmotor and integrated starter motor only, and this provides a claimedall electricrange of 93 miles.As well as the high performance hybrid powertrain, the Swedish firm has kitted out the Polestar 1 with driver configurable active suspension from specialist Ohlins. Polestar claims the system can react to changes in the road surface in less than two milliseconds. Large brakes with six piston calipers from Akebono provide stopping power, while the planetary gearbox driving the rear axle doubles as a torque vectoring unit.The Polestar 1 takes the design language of the S90 saloon and morphs it into a smooth 2+2 coupe format.

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