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Who teaches kids to hate

Teen murder suspect carried of hatred police and school officials may moncler usa say that the killing of James Anderson, a black man, was an isolated incident, but others have a different story. Deryl Dedmon and his moncler outlet online friends were known for their racist speech and violence, say community members. Dedmon faces murder and hate crime charges cheap moncler coats mens in Anderson death.

jce3227 said, moncler outlet truth is, if the uk moncler sale camera hadn caught it all on tape, it would have been lucky if the teens had been charged with moncler online store a misdemeanor, if anything at all. Make no mistake about cheap moncler jackets womens it, the only reason (Dedmon) is charged with murder today is because law enforcement had no choice, after the camera caught it on tape. I have news for the police officer who told Deryl friend that Deryl was good kid Good kids aren on probation and they don post racist statements on the internet. I hope that the community of Brandon will have some open discussions about race. said, still moncler sale online have segregated prom in Mississippi. What did you expect?They are raising little Nazis over there. said, weren the other teens charged? They all knew exactly why they were driving somewhere. I moncler outlet sale seen many instances when there was only one actual person who killed the person but the whole group was also charged with murder. I don think they should be charged with murder but they should be charged with assault. They just got off scott free! said, is a sense of victimhood and moncler outlet woodbury entitlement denied that fuels this sort of hate. If I not doing well in my life and don have the things and the opportunities I want, it must be someone else fault, right? said, the end, it fear. Fear is weakness. cheap moncler sale This young boy had little or nothing going for him except the color of cheap moncler jackets mens skin, as if that a bonus. He doesn appear to be monlcer down jackets exceptional in any way except his extraordinary level of hate. Where does that come from? A culture of fear and weakness. It high time that we live up to the of the brave part of the national anthem. All of this kind of crime should be punished severely and discussed publicly. No matter what group is the aggressor or the target. said, is taught to the young people, they have to learn it from someone regardless of color. Go back to the parents and relatives of the murderer and there you will moncler outlet prices find the source. Of course if you hold off until Sunday you will find them all down at the church. said, be so sure of best moncler jackets that. As a parent myself I can tell you that most of us teach our kids better, but they tend to be influenced by other avenues. Granted this kid needs to face the death penalty, but don be quick to assume his parents were the cause. Seems to me he was old enough to choose his own path. moncler sale said, appears to be a sociopath. This entire article supports that. said, all southerners share these racist views. This disease knows no moncler outlet store boundaries and is not confined to hatred towards blacks. I seen it from moncler womens jackets and towards every color of the human rainbow. If you have a cure for this plague, please share it with the rest of the world: We need a vaccine. said, are some discount moncler jackets folks out there that thinks civil rights legislation has run it course. I tend to disagree when I hear of stories like this one. said, to be Canadian. you feel your views align with these commenters thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.

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I don know what part of the country you live in and truly don care. But in fifty eight years of living I never lived in an all black neighborhood and never in my mind have has the words white genocide mixed. With the kind of thinking that you have exhibited just goes to sure that there still is a race problem in this country that exists on all sides of the color line, black, white, yellow and red. That why this country and the world will never live up to its possible potential as long as petty minds exits. If that had been 2 car loads if Black teens that killed a white person, there is not a Black person anywhere who is capable of making a decision to only charge 2 of the perpetrators and making it stick. Every one in both vehicles would have been charged with MURDER or ACCESSORY TO MURDER and would currently be behind bars awaiting trial. So the next time one of you cover racists throw out that the race card bs, keep this case in mind and remember this: no one involved in allowing participants in this MURDER to go free was Black, you can bet the farm on that.

October 25, 2011 at 7:19 pm

I really wish they would use a different image for this article. First, a simple memorial to the Confederate soldiers is not intrinsically racist, and as for the flag. we are talking about the state flag of Mississippi, a state in which 81% of the black voters voted to keep the state flag as is. Why on moncler uk outlet earth is CNN trying to use 1950 tactics to express racism?

You would think that CNN has learned that racism is not restricted to the south; and accordingly, if there are no confederate memorials in New York City, and the flag of New York has nothing denoting its history in the Confederacy. what images would CNN need to show to express the racism there?

It not 1950 Mississippi anymore. try using a fresh approach, otherwise any attempt at fixing the problem has lost its direction.

October 26, 2011 at 9:42 am

I have never seen any kind of racism (I white) where I grew up and went to highschool. In fact, it wasn until I entered the military did I see it. It wasn white against blacks, uk moncler outlet or browns against yellows. It was blacks against whites. Everyone else didn care. I didn moncler sale outlet get it. I could give a flyin F what color you are, you could be polka dot and still be cool. But when I cheap moncler jackets think of racism, all I have to do is go back to my ship and relive 4 years of enduring black against white.