Foucault research mainly focused on clinics

I have just been reading in Newscientist about the explosion of Toba 74kya which is supposed to have dramatically altered the climate for a period of time and possibly created a bottleneck in our species. Have we any idea when this chromosomal fusing took place? 74kya seems too recent to me but it an interesting possibility. A serious drop in the pop would be one trigger for the sort of incestuous breeding needed to spread a lower chromosome number.

cheap canada goose uk The basic idea is that language is a power structure that can be used to oppress minorities. This canada goose outlet toronto factory idea goes all the way back to Michel Foucault, one of the most cited scholars nowadays. Foucault research mainly focused on clinics, sexuality, gender, women, etc, because they were the outcasts in a society dominated by white heterosexual males. cheap canada goose uk

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