The latter were a smaller group

Knowing very well how close they were to total defeat, the Cabinet was split between those who wanted to surrender and those who wanted to fight to the death. The latter were a smaller group, but the former faction was evenly split between those who wanted to surrender now and those who wanted to “negotiate an end to the war.” In any case, peace negotiations were ongoing throughout 1945, but they followed a familiar pattern, with the Japanese insisting on totally unrealistic conditions while the Americans continually refused anything less than unconditional surrender. The Japanese insisted upon the retention of the Emperor as Supreme Head of State (with full powers), that there would be no occupation, that Japanese disarmament would not be controlled by the Allies, and that it would try its own war criminals. The Americans saw no reason to give Japan any leeway. Germany had already surrendered unconditionally so must Japan. There may also have been some cultural issues of miscommunication, because what sounded to the Americans as being brushed off or non committal responses may have been intended as “let’s talk about this”.

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