30, 2011, 5:53 PM

canada goose DO NOT Give Your Kids These Toxic Toys For Christmas Mandi Woodruff Nov. 30, 2011, 5:53 PM Jami Krause You’d think blockbuster kid brands like Disney, Honda and Fischer-Price would have their act together when it comes to keeping toxic toys off the shelves, but a new report proves otherwise. All three brands sell children’s products found to have dangerously high levels of either lead and phthalates buycanadagoose , according to The U.S. Public Interest Research Group 26th annual Trouble in Toyland report. The study found dozens of toys that could be either be potential choking hazards, harm children’s’ hearing or contain levels of toxins that exceed acceptable legal limits. The sobering reality is that although there are agencies tasked with testing all children’s toys for safety, even the Consumer Protection and Safety Commission can’t catch them all. “Parents and toy givers need to remember that while the CPSC is doing a good job, it doesn’t test all toys on the shelves,” said PIRG spokeswoman Nasima Hossain. “The message of today is clear. We cannot, must not, weaken the most basic safety rules that protect young children, America’s littlest consumers.” Of all the dangers, choking hazards are still the most common causes of toy-related deaths among children, the report found. Since 1990 Canada Goose outlet store , choking accounted for more than half such deaths and balloons are one of the biggest offenders. Here are some toys to watch out for:Phthalates: Funny Glasses (Joking Around); Sleep Mask (Claire’s); Lead: Little Hands Love Book (Piggy Toe Press); Whirly Wheel (LL); Hello Kitty Eye Shadow/Key Chain (Hello Kitty); Tinkerbell Watch (Disney Fairies); Honda Motorcycle (Honda) Choking: Sesame Street Doll Oscar (Sesame Workshop); HABA Fruit In A Bag (HABA); Wooden Block Set (ToySmith); Balloons (Any). Noise: Elmo’s World Talking Cell Phone (Fischer-Price); Victorious Stereo Headphones (Nickelodeon); Hot Wheels, Super Stunt RAT Bomb (Hot Wheels). Download the full report here. Now see the 9 most obnoxious stores in the mall > canada goose parka