Boomer Leon Tuttle explains, “My father and I had quite a

You know how your mind works: You apply for a job and you pump yourself up for the interview, telling yourself that you are the right person the most qualified candidate that they be fools to pass you up. You remind yourself of how well you have performed in your current position and how undervalued you have been, which is why you deserve that new position. Bathed in sweat. There is an interesting backlash to the issue of having or playing favorites. If you are in a leadership position, you want all of your feedback and appraisal information to be as objective as possible, but how do you know when you are being objective? I often found myself unconsciously grading down my favorite people in order to satisfy myself that I was not being biased. Then I would catch myself and wonder if I was really being fair to my best people. Deep colors. Luxuriant fabrics. All things I’d spend my money on to give my 10 year old living room a facelift. World class athletes spend a great deal of time envisioning their moves in detail. They see it, they feel it, and they experience it before they actually do it. The aim is to bring to mind a powerful performance.Visual imaging sometimes also called mental imagery prepares the brain for action. It’s the little things. In the five seasons I’ve been on the Hamilton Tiger Cat beat I have never failed to receive a Christmas card from the Montreal Alouettes. It arrives every December without fail.

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