Why are there so few Christians in Science?BioLogos

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canada goose coats That erosion is also a factor suggested in about science vs. The supernatural that I cited yesterday.Why are there so few Christians in Science?BioLogos, whose new slogan appears to be, “Harmonizing Science and Conservative Christianity” (isn’t that the job of Conservapedia?) has recently published a series of posters aimed at the Evangelical Christian community. The most recent, entitled: “Are you there, God? It’s us, SCIENTISTS”, highlights an issue that is clearly troubling the BioLogos team: canada goose outlet reviews why are there so few Evangelical scientists?Here that poster; click to enlarge:BioLogos President Darrel Falk, explaining the advantage of gaining a better knowledge of the natural world, quotes Christian historian Mark Noll:”As described in the Gospels, individuals who wanted to learn the truth about Jesus had to “come and see.” Likewise, to find out what might be true in nature, it is necessary to “come and see.”While Noll doesn’t view evidential observation quite as valuable as scriptural teaching, he does suggest it has an important role in helping us to understand the world:”coming and seeing” is still the method that belief in Christ as Savior privileges for learning about all other objects, including nature. canada goose coats

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