I told her that I absolutely adore her

Beautiful mountains of North Idaho, with some great trails on them. I missed a turn for a 10mile loop around a lake and up a hill, so when they figured out where I dissapeared to after missing 2 aid stations the RD congratulated me for testing next years 50mile course. That oversight on my part allowed me to run out of food and water for 15 20miles.

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moncler outlet store 8 points submitted 1 hour agoBackground info: this was taken about two years best moncler jackets ago while I was performing on the streets of the Castro district in SF I looked out at our little crowd and noticed Raja there, and literally stopped playing and (super obviously) told my friends that moncler outlet prices she was watching us, and then she noticed and came over to say hi! She was the nicest queen I’ve ever met; complemented our playing, gave us a huge cash tip, took a photo with us (I’m on the far left geeking out), and told us that we had turned around a hard week for her. I told her that I absolutely adore her, and what an inspiration she’s been to me as an artist. Will always love this queen! 68 points submitted 2 months agoFor context: we paid all of $10 cheap moncler sale each to sit in the front/do the meet and greet after her show (which was INCREDIBLE, everyone in the Bay Area should go see it!), and during the first number one of her gorgeous bejeweled nails moncler sale outlet flew off into the audience. moncler outlet store

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moncler outlet I only played one game, which moncler usa was the first champions league game I won. I would have played the other two but my game is broken that does not let me play. However I still had an amazing time.. What is he?Just found this on my jacket. Saw someone else posted one recently that hasn’t been ID’d yet. Rose gold/pinkish/tan buggy, sorta looks like a grasshopper, found in New England WHAT IS IT?!Giant demon leafhopper?Is this a baby cockroach? Found in my apartment near Vancouver BC :((On holiday to the Dallas fort worth area and seen this on moncler outlet woodbury the balcony moncler outlet.