Mr Wood said: “This is behaviour over the course of a weekend

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Replica Designer Handbags But he was found guilty on April 11 this year by a jury who took just two hours and two minutes to return their verdict following a seven day trial.Patton, who was sentenced in his absence after refusing to come out of his prison cell, was jailed for 13 years.Mr Wood said: “This is behaviour over the course of a weekend. These were simply examples of the defendant demonstrating to the victim that he had power over her and he could make her do what he wanted.”Effectively she was his property to do with her as he wanted.”Against the background of the entire weekend, the prosecution submit the totality of the defendant’s behaviour was to humiliate her and degrade her.”Reading from the impact statement, Mr Wood added: “She has suffered from anxiety, she gets really paranoid and never wants to open the curtains in her house.”She is always checking no one is behind when she goes out. She is forever looking behind her Replica Designer Handbags.