But the writing keeps dropping clues that at heart, it’s big

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uk canada goose Iran World Cup 2018 squad become viral sensations after picture of team in official suits is releasedThey might have the odds stacked against them on the pitch, but they certainly have a raft of support on itGet football updates directly to your inbox SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailIran have gained an unlikely cult of followers for the World Cup because of how handsome they look in their official cheap jordans for sale team suits.The Asian nation are one of the biggest underdogs at this summer’s tournament given a tough group draw, which sees them pitted against Spain, Portugal and Morocco.But even if they are not victorious on the pitch, Iran have certainly become the big social media winners.Official pictures of the team in their suits were released ahead of the start of the tournament and it’s safe to say that they went down a treat.Even Radio 1 DJ Greg James took to Twitter to comment on their appearance.He tweeted: “Yeah yeah laugh cheap jordans free shipping it up I got Iran in the Radio 1 World Cup Sweepstake very funny. The joke’s on you though because they’re fit af and have the best chant.”Other fans joined in, with one replying: “I was gutted I got them but cheap jordans on sale now I take it all back.”Another fan who spotted the Iran team’s good looks said: “Think I will be supporting the Iran football team.”While another said: “Not sure if it’s Iran National Football Team for the WorldCup or competitors in Mr. Universe!”Meanwhile, Iran coach Carlos Queiroz has demanded an apology from Nike over their refusal to supply boots to his squad.Nike say they are unable to provide boots to Iran’s players because of sanctions imposed on the nation by the US Government.But Queiroz, whose side face Morocco in their World Cup opener on Friday, criticised Nike and called for FIFA to intervene over the matter.”It has been a source of inspiration for us,” said Queiroz uk canada goose.