We cannot wait years, we must not wait years

PPSh 41 or, among other names, the “Pah Pah Shah” (due to that being the spelling in Russian). It’s known for its massive drum magazine which was copied from a Finnish model and could carry 71 rounds (although the gun could eventually make use of 35 round box magazines as well). Developed during World War II to replace PPD 40 submachine gun with something better suited for mass production (like Grease gun vs. Tommy Gun) and around 6 million were produced. It proved to be very popular with Soviet soldiers despite some drawbacks, such as its length, weight and outdated wooden furniture with rifle grip. After 1943, the PPSh was modified to use the 35 round box magazine of the PPS 43, since the 71 round drum was less reliablenote While the same magazine was quite reliable in the PPD 40, and the Finnish KP/ 31 magazine they were largely copied from were quite reliable, the PPSh had a looser magazine well, and reliability dropped off dramatically if a PPSh was separated from the 2 serial matched drums that were hand fitted to it. and even more importantly, the slowest and most expensive component to make for the PPSh. Also saw action in the hands of Chinese troops in the Korean conflict (aka “burp gun”).

Think about this: the Internet took over our lives, almost overnight, and we went along without a peep! Did we vote on this as a humanity? Did we agree that the Internet was going to be our new mode of communication, our new mode of living, our new way of doing business and running our world? I believe in the same way, as the Internet did within a 5 7 year period, we can be off oil, convert our cars to electric, hybrids or whatever the best option is, move our major energy sources to solar and still make billions of dollars, which is the only reason that we continue with oil in the first place. What good are billions of dollars if we don’t have a planet to use them on? Most ancient teachings remind us that we take nothing of our material wealth with us to the grave. My job is to prod us from the moral http://poker2228.com/mysterious-past-its-explained-that-the-protagonist-was-once/, spiritual and holy sides of our existences, listening to and trusting my scientific friends and colleagues to get the actual job done. We can do it, we can. This BP oil disaster, sadly, as it kills birds, plants, ocean life, and destroys the livelihood of our fellow citizens along the Gulf, is a reminder, perhaps of Biblical proportions, that now is the time to support, demand and execute the major changes needed in these darkening and challenging days and months ahead. We cannot wait years, we must not wait years. Lets not let greed, fear and lies deter us from doing what we know is right and just. If we do, we will have no one else to blame: no corporation, no government, no God; no one but ourselves. Lets believe in ourselves and make it happen.

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