Buoyed on by the sight of a decades younger site supervisor

His fellow laborers don’t like him that much angel wing charms for necklaces, but he just hasn’t screwed up enough to make them mad. Buoyed on by the sight of a decades younger site supervisor bonding with his colleagues, Kurosawa vows to become cool, respected, popular, and even loved at any cost!From that premise, Fukumoto weaves overwrought, page turning mania, as Kurosawa ineptly tries to curry favor with the guys by getting them drunk at work, strains to win respect by getting in a spectacular brawl with 15 year old bullies, throws up on his co workers, and nearly causes an international incident. He is so amazing in failure that he starts somehow falling up the stairs, each squirm inducing conflict inexplicably leading him to a kind of infamy and the chance take bigger and bigger risks and there’s a very real note of sadness there charms for bracelet, as the 44 year old Kurosawa spends entire chapters of manga lamenting over his misspent and irretrievably lost youth.

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