Episode 2 also reveals that Serina is this

The game was notable for several reasons: it marked a return to Lara’s tomb raiding roots http://porthkerris.com/it-may-be-necessary-that-you-should-undergo-a-debt-management/, with far less emphasis on modern civilization compared to the previous game, Tomb Raider III, and focused mainly on exploring long forgotten, ancient ruins. It was also the first Tomb Raider game to take place entirely in one location (Egypt, save for the tutorial levels), which would not occur again until Tomb Raider (2013), and feature no outfit changes. Other new additions included a remodeled Lara, the removal of the Spinventory, the ability to combine items, and huge, interconnected levels. Equal Opportunity Evil: Dr. Hix mentions that the Department of Post Mortem Communications gets a pass from the “no female wizards” rule when he tries to recruit Glenda. The Empire: This is the first book to go into any kind of detail about the fallen Evil Empire of Uberwald (also called the Unholy Empire and the Dark Empire in earlier books).

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