Post interval, he comes back and starts again, this time i

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Wedding in family so there were like 20 ppl at home and I was stuck sleeping in the hall on the floor and cousin sister was sleeping canada goose factory sale on a bed next to me. Wake up at night to pee, come back and see a girl sitting on the sofa right behind my mattress in the hall. I assumed that it was my sister and I was like “tu kya kar rahi hai?” Canada Goose Coats On Sale (What are you doing?) and then I see that my sister is asleep on her bed. I froze and I thought my heart would burst out of my chest. The canada goose jacket outlet girl on the sofa looked up and I could just see white color, no features nothing. Just white. She disappeared.Good canada goose outlet online thing I had gone canada goose online shop to the bathroom coz I would have pee ed and shat my pants. I couldn’t sleep and just kept praying. pneumonia, viral fever and shit. so goose outlet canada canada goose it was quite usual for me.I must have been around 6 years old uk canada goose outlet when this particular night I had high fever and was sleeping when I was woken up by the sound of someone playing a flute. okay nothing too wierd. It probably just some drunk Canada Goose Parka guy who playing canada goose outlet online uk flute in the middle of the night. canada goose outlet jackets But there was something about that tune he cheap Canada Goose played. I hadn heard anything so beautiful. So I curiously peek out of my window and see a guy playing canada goose outlet flute and walking towards my house. I think buy canada goose jacket cheap WHAT THE FUCK! canada goose outlet store uk And i try to fall back asleep scared out of my mind. The sound had stopped for a few minutes canada goose uk outlet so i thought I see whether the man had left. I peek out again and canada goose outlet toronto factory see that man sitting beside canada goose outlet uk sale the well outside my house with the flute in his hand looking at me. I freak the fuck out and try again to sleep thinking it a canada goose black friday sale dream. I try very hard to sleep until i hear a knock on the window and see canada goose outlet black Canada Goose Online friday that man standing canadian goose jacket there in all red. He leans towards me and tells me he there to canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet in usa take me and it time for canada goose outlet new york city me to leave with him. Now canada goose clearance sale I almost shitting my pants. With whatever courage i had left i tell him my papa wouldn like that and will come after him if canada goose outlet store he tries canada goose outlet uk to take me. canada goose store He looks me dead canada goose outlet canada in the eyes, plays flute for one last time and fades away in the dark of the night.Next morning, I tell all my family members about this shit and they laugh at me and tell me I canada goose outlet nyc must had been dreaming. Through all this my mother was quite serious. I never asked her why. until i remembered this incident 3 years canada goose outlet parka back and tell her again about this crazy dream i had. I see that look on canada goose uk shop her face again. I ask her what wrong. She told me she also heard the flute that official canada goose outlet night but was too tired to get up due to fasting for the puja. I politely told him canada goose outlet shop to sit properly (i was 21). He goes away to sit elsewhere.Post interval, he comes back and starts again, this time i shove his hand canada goose outlet sale away, verbally abuse him in tamil words i learned. canada goose outlet reviews Walked away, watched climax standing near exit. In the shine of cheap canada goose uk the screen, I see unkalji face searching for me.I knew that day what women face in buses and autos.The second similar experience was in the local trains that i used to take when I was staying in Canada Goose sale Chennai. In the evenings, canada goose clearance if you stand near the doorway, there will be public toilets have these perverts roaming about. When you go to take a leak, they like to peep and watch. These people are a different league.So one night i was Canada Goose Outlet listening to some songs using ear plugs from my phone and i may have fell asleep after some time, suddenly i was half active and half in canada goose coats on sale my dreams, what they call lucid state im not sure.Suddenly canada goose uk black friday my canada Canada Goose Jackets goose factory outlet phone starts vibrating like i got a call from somebody without seeing who it was I just said hello while putting my phone towards my ear.No uk canada goose one seems to say anything on the other side of phone.Suddenly my phone started to get hot, in my mind i thought it was some kind of electro magnetic shit.I tried putting my phone away from my jaw and ear but it seemed like it was callously stuck with my ear and skin.It became hotter canada goose coats canada goose black friday sale and hotter (keep in mind i was in lucid state to i was actually physically feeling something warm).