Drawing on three decades of intimate acquaintance with the

Description : Patricia Harris began visiting Spain shortly after the death of dictator Francisco Franco and has witnessed the country’s renaissance in art, culture, and cuisine as it rejoined Europe. Drawing on three decades of intimate acquaintance with the country, she leads readers along twisting mountain roads, down to the docks of fishing villages, into the shoe outlets of Elche, and out to the muddy saffron fields of La Mancha. She explores the art from Velzquez to Picasso, architecture from the phantasmagorical vision of Antoni Gaud’s Sagrada Familia to the cool suspension spans of Santiago Calatrava.

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Born on October 7, 1959 in Brighton, England, Simon Philip Cowell grew up in Elstree, Hertfordshire with his three half brothers, a half sister, as well as a brother and a sister. His father, Eric, was a successful real estate agent as well as an executive in the music industry, while his mother, Julie, was known throughout town as a socialite. Had a quiet, nice childhood, recalls Cowell.

When I moved to Los Angeles, got a car and ended up in South Central asking for directions, I knew I was in trouble. Ironically, my first job was as a film agent trainee where I started in the mailroom delivering scripts. Though there were occasional highlights, like the time I delivered a screenplay to the Spielberg digs, mostly there were low points, the worse, stuck in a rut on an unpaved canyon road with a trunk full of scripts and nary a signpost..

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