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Is a micro nutrient which isn easily available in foods. However, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and oats are rich sources, says Singh. Zinc deficiency is common, and therefore, can lead to brittle, fragile nails and also white spots on the nails. Key financials deteriorated in FY18, led by a leveraged acquisition and weak operating performance. I) RoCE declined to 15%, from 21% in FY17, and from last five years’ average of 35%; ii) debt increased by INR35bn; and 3) free cash flow turned negative to INR1.7bn, despite almost flat top line, due to INR3.6bn increase in working capital and INR7.9bn of capex, which increased by 62%. During FY18, Torrent Pharmaceuticals (TRP) further consolidated its presence in the domestic market with the Unichem acquisition, where 60% of portfolio overlaps (30% as per mgmt), albeit at expensive valuations of 4.1x trailing revenues.

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