Grudgeraker itself should be nerfed probably as there not

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1 point submitted 1 day agoI think saltzpyre has great variety in weapons (besides the volley which is still too strong on BH imo and repeater being weak). Elf is just stupid rn and glaive is in desperate need of a nerf (and armor buff on the dual wield weapons to like 8 10 per charged attack) so it doesnt go over damage cap anymore. sienna has a canada goose outlet uk sale canada goose Black Friday Sale decent balancing canada goose going on for her melee weapons (though swords are p weak compared to the rest and) and beam can still use canada goose jacket outlet a nerf.Not going to comment on kruber and bardin because i might release a uk canada goose outlet shitshow in the comments.I not sure if that too strong canadian goose jacket (it probably is), considering it makes the “extra ammo on special kill” talent useless because canada goose outlet black friday Ranger doesn need any ammo for himself, but considering all Rangers canada goose outlet shop use the same build right now (Grudgeraker + 2h Hammer or 1h Axe), I not sure if this should be nerfed without further changes. Grudgeraker itself should be nerfed probably as there not really a reason to play Crossbow or Handgun when Grudgeraker is such a good special AND crowd killer.Ranger canada goose outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale is the one trick poniest of all careers right now. Even more than WHC imho. 1 point submitted 1 day agoThis is the end screen of the Aethel canada goose outlet reviews Yenlui mission with increased horde spawning chance deed on legend difficulty. The catch is we didn even uk canada goose make it to the cheap canada goose uk second tome, so we did less than 1/3 of the map. Hordes just spawning non stop, and canada goose black friday sale before the old one died, new one spawns again. And again. This is sillty to the point where canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Parka we had only like 30 seconds of non canada goose outlet jackets battling total. canada goose outlet store And this goes canada goose outlet online canada goose uk outlet uk the same for every other map, i believe. canada goose coats At least i had the same issue on “Against the Grain”. 1 point submitted 2 days agoIm surprised at how much people are giving the wrong advice. You are moving at your own pace, which isnt canada goose outlet canada necessarily bad, canada goose clearance sale but just stay with the canada goose outlet online team if they have faster pace. Enemies have higher movement speed than your base movementspeed. This means that if you Canada Goose online keep running with your team they will eventually canada goose store catch up. Just stay with them and deal with the horde later. Theyre not going to disappear. canada goose outlet parka Also, elf isnt the only class that can kill specials, no idea where you got that from 2 points submitted 3 days agonasty, paid for trainers such as God Mode, Unlimited Insta Ults/ammo, anything that basically Canada Goose Outlet goes canada goose factory outlet against the spirit of the canada goose outlet nyc game.i wish video game cheat codes weren so frowned upon nowadays. just referring to the “nasty” connotation i know you guys will allow Canada Goose Online this stuff in the non whitelisted realm.cheat codes can be stupid canada goose outlet sale amounts of fun. noclip/flying around maps or imagine having unlimited ammo, brace of pistols only run.for some reason most people imagine a 12 year old on CS:GO with aimbot when they think about someone who cheats. i just want to have some fun doing silly things; i can wait to do that “nasty” stuff. 1 point submitted 3 days agoi not talking about someone trolling your ultra canada goose factory sale serious, hardcore, no items, fox only Legend canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet toronto factory runs. every game doesn canada goose uk shop have to be a tryhard eSport Canada Goose sale emulation.cheats canada goose coats on sale are fun. examples: canada goose outlet new york buy canada goose jacket city N64 Turok codes, Golden goose outlet canada Eye codes, Pokemon MissingNo., GTA cheats, L4D console no clip and enemy spawning. the list goes on and on. there nothing wrong with bending the games canada goose outlet store uk rules for a Canada Goose Jackets bit of fun. if you don like it, just canada goose outlet uk leave the game or only play buy canada goose jacket cheap in whitelisted. canada goose outlet in usa let people have their fun 6 points submitted 3 days agoI think this is a terrible idea and canada goose clearance makes the game way too easy. The point of disablers is to make you play against them. Kill them from range, or dodge them properly. If you fail to do official canada goose outlet this you should be punished. If you would get disabled during a horde this would mean that you just let your allies stay disabled cheap Canada Goose because it doesnt matter much anyway.