They worked the ball; Geelong were rattled and for most part

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replica handbags china Part of that isJosh Jackson being smart enough to throw the ball away in bad situations. It’ll take more than just good blocking to keep him upright in this game, though. The Hokies need to get their screen game going and threaten Clemson with horizontal plays like jet sweeps, just to avoid letting the Tigers tee off in their pass rush. They were calculating under the pressure, made the Cats work harder by switching the play, and had a clear edge by taking inside 50 marks something that Geelong struggled to do.The Cats predominantly played a handball game especially early the Crows kicked short and with more precision. They worked the ball; Geelong were rattled and for most part struggled to get cohesion moving into attack.The Crows knew they needed a good start to set the tone. It took just 22 seconds for their first goal, and when they matched Geelong with their aggression it was obvious early the Crows would not be brushed aside easily again.Adelaide also came up with an unlikely striker in attack Richard Douglas. replica handbags china

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