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In United States v. In United States v. John Doe (2011), the defendant, who had a hard drive protected by encryption, at first didn receive Fifth Amendment protection, but that decision was reversed by an appellate court that ruled that if Doe provided his decryption password, then it would the Government to evidence that would incriminate him.

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Brown, was one of the first voting rights cases which involved a white plaintiff and a black defendant. The case precipitated deep divisions within the Justice Department. Some employees felt that the voting rights act was passed because historically, it was minorities who had been disenfranchised and that the department should therefore focus on cases filed by minorities, while others felt that it was intended to protect all voters in a race neutral manner.

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iphone 8 plus case The second attempt, introduced by the Minister of Justice as Bill C 43 in late 1989, would be defeated on a tie vote by the time it came to third reading in Senate on January 31, 1991, leaving Canada without criminal legislation governing abortion.[5]The Criminal Code still contains the abortion provision struck down by the Supreme Court, now as section 287. However, it is unenforceable in light of Morgentaler, and in March, 2017, the Minister of Justice introduced a bill in the house of Commons which would repeal s. 287 entirely.[6] As of 2016[7] Provinces have taken action to restrict access to abortion in various ways that do not involve criminal law.[7][8] iphone 8 plus case.