Cool Teacher: Miss Dupree, as the girls frequently go to her

In The Emperor’s New Groove, King Kuzco, being a self absorbed, egoistic teenage jerk, wants to build Kuzcotopia, a giant playground meant for him and him alone, as a present for his own birthday. He intends to build it on top of the hill on which Pacha’s village is built, which would mean destruction of the village. When Kuzco is accidentally turned into a llama and brought all the way to the village before he can carry out his plans, this decision becomes the driving conflict between him and Pacha. The Ghost: Louise’s mentally unstable adoptive mother, and her late “Auntie Nigel” are mentioned frequently, but are never seen. The same goes for Donna’s father (although she is seen having a phone conversation with him in one episode, but his voice is never heard), and Janet’s mother. Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Courtesy of Louise: Bad dude.

Replica Hermes Birkin Curse Cut Short: One time, Sasasha got interrupted when two members of the Targ Wood Police put a hand each over her mouth. Another time, Luso got interrupted by an announcement. Cuteness Proximity: When Kanin and Maria see Auggie’s pet dreamhare, they squeal saying that it’s cute, shocking Luso who had never seen them like that before. She’s the headmaster’s daughter but is frequently in trouble. But her father is Not So Above It All. Cool Teacher: Miss Dupree, as the girls frequently go to her for help. Rogue Agent: when the Chinese government orders agent Jin Tan Mu to remain at the Athens embassy and stop investigating the Weyr (as they have been dealing with Harry to benefit from dragons’ abilities), he decides to go rogue and hire mercenaries to attack Campbeltown Weyr. He dies when the ship that carries him and the mercenaries he hired is grabbed by dragons and dropped from a great height. Tears of Joy: Mildred, an American astronomer that helps research dragons (specifically, where their planet might be) and ends up marrying Remus Lupin, cries when she manages to travel by dragon to Saturn’s orbit. Replica Hermes Birkin

Hermes Replica Bags Renton speculates at one point that human beings are bi by default, and it’s social pressure that causes most to conform to being heterosexual. The film celebrates the idea by starting off with a gay snog. Armoured Closet Gay: Begbie in the film. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: A Rare Male Example in Owen, who helps Duncan get out of his shell and become well liked by the staff and customers of Water Wizz. Mondegreen: Discussed Trope. Let’s just say Joan probably wasn’t Raised Catholic. (It also makes her quite savvy). It’s All About Me: When it comes to smoking, Firewall doesn’t care about the fact nopony can stand the smell. He even gives Luna a “dangerous glare” when she tries to take away his cigarettes. Grand Theft Me: While he’s not exactly stealing other peoples’ bodies, the Man in Black/Smoke Monster is able to assume the form of anyone who has previously died whose body is on the Island such as Alex, Yemi, Christian, and Locke. He can also seemingly project visions of other people from characters’ pasts, including Richard’s wife, Isabella. Grey and Gray Morality: Played with in the repetition from all different sources about who is a “good person” (or people) or a “bad person” (or people) Hermes Replica Bags.