When not needed, excess power flows into the Illuminating Co

Back in the 1940’s and 50’s estuarine crocs were hunted almost to extinction in Australia and have since been protected since 1971. Now they are recovering, and they must be managed to minimise dangerous interactions with the burgeoning numbers of tourists and residents sharing their habitat in FNQ. Mark Read, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service croc expert says, “humans and crocs can live in relative harmony”.

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replica Purse Sometimes you find greatness in strange places. For me, it was a happenstance conversation with a fellow real estate agent and entrepreneur. Who knew I was sitting three feet from gold when we started talking? Certainly not I. The solar canopy at Motorcars Honda in Cleveland Heights has put the dealership AAA Replica Bags on the national map for championing sustainable practices. Completed in the summer of 2015, the canopy protects nearly 24,000 square feet of new cars from snow, rain and sun while generating more than half of the dealership’s power. The array is capable of generating nearly 335,000 watts during peak hours of electrical demand. When not needed, excess power flows into the Illuminating Co.’s local distribution wires. Since the array’s construction, the dealership has been named a Top Workplace over two consecutive years, displaying another characteristic of companies that embrace sustainability happier employees. (John Funk, The Plain Dealer). replica Purse

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